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 Welcome to Game Elites + Rules

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PostSubject: Welcome to Game Elites + Rules   Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:41 pm

Welcome to Game Elites,
Please follow the rules or you could get in trouble which nobody wants.
Not following the rules will result in a warning or maybe even a ban, depents on wich rule you broke.

  1. if you post some file which includes trojan / keylogger etc you will get Banned for that.
  2. If you flame other users you will get a warning unless he flamed you before.
  3. If you post racistic comments, you will be banned!
  4. Double posting or reviving really old Threads for fun is not allowed, always have a good reason.
  5. Try to help users.
  6. If a "noob" did something wrong, Link him to this rules.
  7. If someone is flaming at you Report him but don't flame back.

Thanks for Reading the rules, -Reflexis-
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Welcome to Game Elites + Rules
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